A new sorting installation on the Réunion island

A sorting installation drawing

On the French Island, Réunion, located near Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, we are building a new sorting installation with a sorting capacity of 138,000 tonnes a year (50t/h).

The installation will feature multiple buildings and sorting lines over an area of 7 hectares. The plant will sort multiple types of waste on one sorting line, from metals to organic waste and plastics. The installation will also provide power to 11,000 households on the island.

The remoteness of the island creates many challenges. One of which is logistics. Each year, there are only a few opportunities to ship a machine to the island. The challenges are not just with the remoteness of the plant and the logistics, but also due to the bankruptcy of one of the partners in the consortium. To ensure that the plant was delivered on time, we took a larger role in the process than originally planned.

The first shipment of machines has already been delivered, and the plant will be built in stages with each shipment of machines during the remainder of the year.

With the creation of this sorting plant, the waste will be processed and sorted instead of landfilled, which is currently the case. The plant will also provide the local population with new employment opportunities. The plant plays a key role in creating a circular economy on the island.

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