Introducing our new Bollegraaf HBC60 Mobile Baler

Bollegraaf HBC60 mobile baler on a customized trailer

The Mobile Baler is the perfect solution for your baling needs, which can range from testing new materials, meeting a temporary increase in demand, seasonal work, or if you need on-the-spot baling.

The Mobile Baler is available for rent and is easily transportable by road (Within Europe / UK). It is self-sufficient – the baling wires, a generator, and all necessary parts to operate the machine are stored on the trailer. The Mobile Baler can be connected to the power grid with the appropriate connection.

The bale exit, the needle system, and all other necessary parts to operate the machine can be set up by one person. The systems on the machine are engineered in such a way that the baler is in operation very fast after it arrives on-site! The Mobile Baler is easily reachable on all sides. This allows greater flexibility and ease of use for the operator. It is also possible to lift the baler of the trailer and put it in a building as a static machine.

The baler can either be fed with the material through an additional Lubo Bunker feeder (for constant feeding) or it can directly be fed with a mobile crane.

Specifications Mobile Baler

Year of construction: 2022
Weight excl trailer: 22.000 kg
Mobile Baler

Volume capacity m3/hr max. 365 334 321 301
Volume weight kg/m3 max. 15 30 50 80
Weight capacity T/hr max. 5.5 10 16 24

Bale weight 400 – 800 kg, depending on S.G. of material and bale length

Bale length – adjustable
Bale height – 720 mm
Bale width – 1100 m
Filling opening – 1100 mm x 1320 mm

Max. size supply – 1500 mm x 1200 mm
Pressure force ram – max 60 tonf.
Pressure force pre-press flap – max 25 tonnes
Cycle time – 18 seconds
Motor – 45 kW
Motor Twistomat – 2.2 kW
Motor counter pressure pump – 1.1 kW


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