Introducing our new icon for our 60th anniversary!

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We are extremely delighted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, an unparalleled experience in the recycling industry. This unique expertise makes the Bollegraaf Group the leading player and authority when it comes to Advanced Mechanical Recycling Innovation and Solutions. We believe that this is just the beginning of our journey toward a circular economy and we, together with our customers and partners, are dedicating our efforts to make it a reality.

As a part of our celebration, we are glad to introduce our new visual identity made of the infinity sign stretching itself into a Dutch orange shield.

The shield reflects the Bollegraaf Group’s authority and highly valuable expertise built over the years while the infinity sign relates to the circular economy. The stretch of the infinity sign highlights our aspiration to close the loops of materials at their upmost value.

Our vision is clear: There is no such thing as waste, only a pool of valuables that need to be sorted, cleaned and prepared for re-entering a new life cycle. Working on the true circularity of materials is key and urgent as a mean to mitigate the scarcity of natural resources as well as the climate change. That is why the Bollegraaf Group focuses on the so called up-cycling path.

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