Maintenance efficiency           

An engineer is checking the machine

As our experience shows, correct and timely maintenance is key to reaching high availability of your installation. Our team is there to help! We provide all-around service to make sure that downtime of Bollegraaf and Lubo equipment is minimized so that our customers can get the maximum performance of their installation as well as consistent quality of the output.

How do we make it happen?

You receive an appointed Central Support Officer (CSO)  – your account manager and single point of contact within our service department. Our CSOs are experienced technical specialists who will always speak English and in most cases your native language, too. Your CSO is fully aware of all ongoing activities of your account and is responsible for collecting and transferring any information provided by various colleagues and departments within our company.

Whenever you need any advice from our experts within Bollegraaf or Lubo, require a quote for certain spare parts, or would like to receive a technical visit of our engineer, your CSO will be happy to help.

They will also plan regular meetings with you to discuss your experience with our service department and receive your feedback and requests for further improvement.

An employee is standing in from=nt of the test center installation

What can we offer?

Central support officers working in the office

Remote support


In case of an urgent problem with your equipment, your CSO connects you to our technical support team of expert engineers who are reactive and always strive to resolve the problem remotely.

We offer our customers remote technical support as we believe that most technical issues may be resolved over the phone. Our in-house service professionals use latest technologies to take service to the next level. They allow our service desk to communicate with your operator by using AR and shared screens, so that our experts see exactly what you see.

Together with your operator they walk through the diagnosis, step-by-step repair, and assist you in ordering necessary parts. Please watch the video below to see exactly how we do it.


A spare part is being put in a box

Spare parts


We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products by providing strategic maintenance what includes original Bollegraaf and Lubo spare parts. There are many ways for our customers to get the most essential parts at their location.

We provide packages with recommended spare parts and consult our customers on key parts to keep downtime of the equipment to an absolute minimum. Also, spare part packages form an integral part of our preventive maintenance programs which are based on our experience in every spare part durability and lifespan.     

In case of an urgency, Bollegraaf keeps spare parts in stock in sufficient quantities so they can be dispatched to your location on the same day or overnight, as required.                    

An operator speaking on the phone with a customer

24/7 availability


As your support partner, we realize how important it is for our customers to rely on minimized downtime of their equipment.

Providing you with the first-class support around the clock is, therefore, our main priority! Our experienced technical team is at your service whenever you need them! Our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to ensure that your installation is up and running properly.

Our phone number is +31-(0)596-654333

Meet our Field service team

An engineers is standing arms crossed in front of his van

Equally important, our Field Service Engineer (FSE) carries out regular technical visits to your plant to monitor the general functionality. This includes equipment inspections, report elaboration, certain technical works, and advice on further maintenance.


FSEs are our highly skilled and experienced engineers who provide the best support and service to customers across Europe. And then all our engineers are specialists in installation, (preventive) maintenance, and repair. They are also specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical troubleshooting. Lastly, every FSE at Bollegraaf is trained on all parts of the machinery and equipment we supply.


We have FSEs throughout Europe who can support you no matter what the issue is. Moreover, it’s all part of the Bollegraaf service – offering you the fastest, most efficient, and thorough support and repairs.

What can we offer?

An engineer is watxhing inside his van

Technical visits & inspections


If a technical issue cannot be resolved remotely, your CSO, together with you will schedule an urgent technical visit by one of our experienced FSEs. Besides, it is essential for us to provide you with regular inspections of your Bollegraaf and Lubo equipment.

We inspect the machines based on a pre-determined detailed checklist covering safety, wear & tear, system updates and general maintenance. Based on the results of the inspection, we provide a concise report advising how to optimize your equipment utilization and keep it running perfectly. When put into practice, these action points will maximize and optimize performance and your processes.

An engineer is inspecting the machine

Service agreements             


To make sure our customers get the most out of our equipment and receive the highest overall equipment effectiveness, we offer various service agreements.

We can provide you with planned inspection visits customized to your business situation which will give you a complete insight and status update of your equipment efficiency and process optimization. Our various-level contracts ensure:

• a full analysis of the technical condition of your equipment,

• a track record of your valuable assets’ technical state,

• suggested maintenance plan with a possibility of part of maintenance works being performed directly based on your service agreement type,

• advice on optimization of performance and uptime,

• advice on spare part stock,

• scheduled preventive maintenance.

A man is searching for a spare part in the warehouse

Maintenance plan


Our service starts before the purchase because that is when we already think along about what is the best service solution for your specific challenge.

Based on your needs, requirements, and work conditions, we elaborate a customized support plan for your company, which may include training programs for your operators, regular technical maintenance of your equipment in a form of contracts, tailored spare part kits, etc. This way you will receive an optimal package of service tools.

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