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Long-term partner for every recycling solution

Bollegraaf is your long-term partner for every recycling solution. We have an exceptional Technical Support Engineering team to assist you with any problems. Bollegraaf provides first-class service during the entire life cycle of a machine or installation, by sharing knowledge and providing the best solutions for you.

Training, service, spare parts and advice

We support our customers with training, service, spare parts and advice. Our customers trust us to guide them through advancing technologies, changing regulations and the many variables in the market which can affect their business.


Reliability and performance

We are here to support our customers by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience. Continuously improving our service and technology, we are a learning organisation and in this way we increase the reliability and performance of our products and services to make your business more profitable with every new project.

Bollegraaf BIOS

Bollegraaf offers a sophisticated computerised communication interface known as BIOS (Bollegraaf Information & Operating System). BIOS allows your system to tie in directly with our computer base. Through BIOS, we can provide remote system diagnostics, trouble-shooting and correction procedures. Based on the data collected by BIOS, we can also help you to adjust your system based on operating conditions.

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