In conversation with PreZero

Aussenansicht Prezero

Today, the Bollegraaf German Team is in conversation with PreZero

New thinking for a clean tomorrow’, that is the vision that PreZero put out to society. With more than 4,800 employees at over 140 locations, PreZero is one of the leading environmental service providers in Germany, Europe and North America. The company provides waste disposal, sorting, processing and recycling services, combining all the expertise along the value chain under one roof. PreZero therefore positions itself as an innovation driver in the industry with the vision of creating a world in which resources are no longer wasted thanks to closed loops.

PreZero Landsberg location in Germany has just renewed its Bollegraaf Baler with a new HBC120 for baling light plastic packaging. Bollegraaf is extremely delighted with the trust and confidence PreZero put in Bollegraaf technology. Today, Mr Thiel, Plant Manager of the PreZero Landsberg location is sharing his experience with us.

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