BRS Filmgrabber

BRS filmgrabber

Ideal to remove films upstream of the process

Films such as shopping bags and wrappings make the recyclables sorting process more difficult and more time-consuming. The BRS Filmgrabber has been developed to solve this problem. The BRS Filmgrabber removes films from a recyclables stream at the beginning of the separation process, with the removal of more than 70 percent of the fraction larger than A4 size. The machine consists of a revolving drum with a variable speed motor and inward and outward moving pins. The recyclables are moved up by air, which allows the films and foils to be picked up by the pins inside the revolving drum.

Preferred positioning: upstream of pre-sorting to facilitate sorting by cabin operators and optical sorters

BRS filmgrabber

Another advantage of the BRS FIlmgrabber is that it is self-cleaning. The retractable pins in the drum of the machine take care of this, so you as a customer don’t have to worry about it.

The filmgrabber comprises an aeraulic suction system / integrated dust collector with a capacity of 20,000 M3/H.

Other special features of the BRS Filmgrabber include:

High quality construction

The materials used for the Filmgrabber are of high quality and exceptionally durable.


Unmatched reliability & durability

Little maintenance

High uptime saving maintenance and cleaning time

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