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The RoBB is an intelligent and automated sorting robot. It is fully developed in-house by Bollegraaf. It can fulfill different roles in the waste stream. One of these is to optimize the performance of your material recovery facility. The final stages of your sorting process are key for maximizing the purity of your waste stream and recovering your targeted valuables. The RoBB can easily perform your quality control tasks beyond human possibilities.

The RoBB can also improve the recovery rate of valuable materials when placed on your rescue line. This prevents targeted valuables to be lost. It also maximizes the performance of your material recovery facility.

The RoBB enables you to maximize the circularity of materials. And it makes it easier to minimize landfill costs and prevents the incineration of valuables. This in turn leads to higher profitability and performance for your material sorting facility.

Maximizing the economics of material recovery is what matters to RoBB

Sorting robot by Bollegraaf

How the RoBB sorting robot works

The RoBB sorting robot possesses an AI-guided vision system. It is built around an array of optical sensors, such as NIR (near infrared), RGB and height cameras. This identifies and classifies items based on material(s) composition, shapes, color and other attributes that a human eye could easily recognize. Its cognitive computing process is based on deep learning networks that are able to self-learn, to recognize patterns in the same way the human brain does.

RoBB is our sorting robot

Based on real time object classification, the actuation is performed thanks to a strong and robust robotic arm. This arm is equipped with an advanced air system and a patented suction gripper. We designed the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in a customer friendly way. This allows you to easily change the assignment of RoBB according to your wishes or requirements and to monitor performance in real time.

RoBB is tailor-made to your unique sorting challenge

As a tailored made solution to your unique sorting challenge, your RoBB sorting robot is trained with samples of your waste stream. This, complemented by continuous machine learning, creates an ever-expanding database customized to your needs.

Curious about what RoBB can do for you? Here are the steps we follow to support your fact-based decision making:

Infinity final RoBB

Discovery and fact-based decision making:

  • Step 1: In an open dialogue we learn about your needs, requirements and conditions,
  • Step 2: Based on a set of your real waste samples, our R&D team conducts a supervised learning of RoBB’s AI,
  • Step 3: We test your real waste samples in our test center. We record data and estimate the rate of effective picks of RoBB for each of your targeted class of material,
  • Step 4: Our experts share with you the preliminary performance results and support you in assessing your ROI,
  • Step 5: Supported by this information, you take your fact-based decision.

Installation & support:

  • Step 6: Our team of experienced professionals elaborates all the technical documents and engineers your tailor-made solution,
  • Step 7: We create and assemble the RoBB for your installation in our factory in the Netherlands,
  • Step 8: We carefully transport and install the equipment on-site; during commissioning our experts train your team on how to efficiently operate and maintain the RoBB,
  • Step 9: We provide you with a lifelong service and support including among others, regular software up-dates and trainings to continuously optimize your performance.
Sorting robot

The RoBB maximizes your productivity and consistency while improving the value of your recovered materials.

Why is the RoBB sorting robot the right choice for you?

Minimal retrofit

The RoBB is designed with modularity in mind. It can easily be installed in pre-existing sorting lines. And it is suitable for various belt widths.

Highest flexibility

The RoBB keeps evolving in line with your specific context and challenges. Thanks to the AI-model based on your own data and continuous learning.

Future proof

Based on deep learning technology, the RoBB keeps improving itself with time and can be further customized as your conditions change.

Integrated and patented solution

From hardware to software, the RoBB is fully developed in-house and integrates the latest innovations of our R&D team. We have all the knowledge and capabilities for your technical support. With the goal to maximize your performance.

Operational efficiency

Your OPEX will reduce significantly through an automated solution that is easy to operate and maintain. It minimizes the need for human intervention.

High performance numbers

Based on effective picks, the RoBB is one of the fastest, most precise, and most reliable robotic sorters. It will maximize the quality and consistency of your sorting process.

More pictures of our sorting robot

Tried and tested in our brand-new test center!

If you are still not convinced of the superior results that the RoBB sorting robot can deliver to your MRF, then we would love to welcome you into our test center in Appingedam (NL). Here you can see the RoBB sorting the waste stream that you provided. With these tests, we can calculate the exact ROI for the RoBB with your waste stream.

Test center visit

Fill in this form to visit our test center.

Sorting robot in our test center

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