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“Our old baler was 11 years old and had insufficient capacity to handle a daily volume of 500 tonnes of paper, plastic, steel and aluminium. For the new baler, we chose to team up with Bollegraaf because I became more and more convinced that their installation is technologically superior to its competitors across the board. Moreover, a Bollegraaf customer in the Netherlands convinced me that compared to other alternatives the Bollegraaf baler leads to lower total cost of ownership and is easier to maintain. In consultation with our head of production, the touch screen control of the installation was transferred to the central control room, eliminating the need for a separate operator.

Thanks to the special protected cabling, we no longer have problems with rats destroying cables and shutting down the installation. As the new HBC-140 baler also produces larger bales and bundles them more effectively, we save more than EUR 31,000 a year on binders alone. (see streamer) The forklift trucks are more productive, the containers are heavier and the floor stays cleaner. Moreover, we are operating at the promised maximum capacity. I couldn’t be happier.”

“We save more than EUR 31,000 a year on binders alone” 

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