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The multi-million dollar investment for the RIRRC Single Stream facility was worth every penny, according to Executive Director Mike OConnell.

In 2012, Bollegraaf built a state-of-the-art Single Stream MRF for RI Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) with extensive automation of the screening and sorting process to reach an optimal separation degree. Hand pickers are essentially made redundant, except for their role in quality control. The facility was engineered around the principles of flexibility and versatility, enabling RIRRC to tune its production to the demand and prices in today’s fluctuating market.

With Bollegraaf in charge of project management, including supervision of the demolition and construction, there was a second technological challenge: to safeguard the continuity of RIRRC’s existing dual stream sorting process. In order to do
so, Bollegraaf built a temporary sorting and baling line for mixed recyclables.

Brian Dubis, RIRRC’s Operations Manager, said, “We never stopped processing material from the day we started construction to the day we flipped the switch on our new Single Stream MRF. The entire facility was delivered 30 days ahead of schedule, on budget, and performed as designed.”

The high-quality output brings RIRRC ‘top dollar’ in the market for recyclables. Mike OConnell, Executive Director: “I’m tremendously pleased with the installation. I believe we now have the best Single Stream system in North America. It is recognized and visited by our competitors because of the fact that it is state-of-the-art. I invite every prospective customer of Bollegraaf for a tour. Watching the installation perform tells a story that speaks for itself.”

“I believe we now have the best single stream system in North America!”

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