Bollegraaf analyzer determins material flow

Ideal solution for real-time monitoring up to 100% of the material 100% of the time without manual labor.

Process control in ever-changing conditions is more than necessary for MRFs to guarantee consistent output quality and survive the quest for the resources of tomorrow. Therefore, data play a critical role in facilitating the process and eventually creating the MRF of the future.

Bollegraaf’s Analyzer is an optical analytics tool used to determine material flow and composition in real time. The lightweight and robust frame with RGB camera is coupled to an artificial intelligence algorithm.

AI in the MRF of the future: next level of sorting

Millions of euros are invested into sorting installations relying on the promise that, in theory, they do their jobs. However, reality is always more complicated than theory and at Bollegraaf we have heard many stories of small amounts of unexpected material types wreaking havoc on sorting lines. With the exception of small scale discrete manual sampling, material flow is virtually invisible causing underlying issues or sudden changes to input streams to remain hidden.

After several years of development behind the scenes, Bollegraaf is proud to have a solution that can monitor in real-time up to 100% of the material 100% of the time without manual labor.

Analyzer in installation

The Bollegraaf Analyzer collects comprehensive and relevant data in real-time fromvarious key points in the sorting process. By leveraging this data with our artificialintelligence, the integration of our vision systems results in the following applications (as the flow scheme above shows):

1- flow prediction

2- process monitoring

3- actuator feedback

4- vision-guided sorting

5- output quality labeling.

Placing a Bollegraaf Analyzer, a so-called “orange box” (in stead of a black box) in the beginning of the waste sorting line can give a deep understanding of the plant’s efficiency. Our AI-powered Analyzers provide continuous and accurate waste composition analyses at key points in the sorting plant. By combining various datasets, Bollegraaf Analytics Dashboard will be customized based on the customers’ KPI’s.

Advantages of the Analyzer include:

Full solution provider

Bollegraaf is a supplier of full turn-key solutions with an unmatched global presence

Customer specific AI

Integration of our own database with sample data from the installation specific location.

Short lead times – Fast Training

We keep a stock for fast delivery and can train new algorithms within weeks


Case studies have shown accuracies of negligeable error

Hardware up to industry standards

Robust design, with all electrical components up to industrial CE standards

Competitive pricing and scalability

Smart optimization leads to offering AI solutions at a competitive price

Industry Experience

Our unique industry insights thanks to experience enable us to guide our customers to success

Analyzer camera

There is no “one solution that fits all”. The requirements of every single customer are unique, waste material input changes over time while regulations evolve. The waste value chain requires transparency and collaboration to reach true circularity of secondary materials. The Analyzer is an essential mean in this process.


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