Lubo Glass Breaker Screen

Lubo Glass Breaker Screen

Lubo Glass Breaker Screen

The Lubo Glass Breaker Screen consists of a two deck star screen which is designed to break and screen the glass fraction in a waste stream. Firstly, the glass is broken by the first deck consisting of shafts with wear-resistant Hardox steel stars. After the glass is broken, the glass falls onto a second screen with conventional rubber stars. The diameter of these stars can range from 235mm or 330mm and can be made from rubber or Hardox steel depending on the wishes and needs of the customer.

The Glass Breaker Screen screens the glass into four fractions:

  • Oversized, larger than 2 inches or 5,08cm, consisting of food waste, silverware, flattened aluminium and plastics;
  • Fines, smaller than 3/8 inches or 9,525mm, usually used as a component of road base;
  • Heavies, clean, sellable glass that meets industry standards;
  • Lights, sellable shredded paper.
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