Organic waste

Pile of organic waste

Lubo Recycling Solutions has extensive experience in processing of organic material streams

Since the adoption of the European Landfill Directive, more than 20 years ago, the reduction of the number of landfills and the creation of alternative mechanisms for organic waste treatment has been put at the center of the European agenda. Currently, large-scale composting is the most common choice for organic recovery.

Organic waste recycling facilities efficiently transform organic waste into valuable end products, such as, for example, compostable plastic products. These plastic products, made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable raw materials, allow for safe composting at a later stage of the product cycle.

Like any efficient recycling process, the processing of organic waste begins with proper separation and selection of waste and ends with quality post-composting.

Example of an installation for the organic waste stream with advantages

Together with the customer, Lubo strives to create the best turnkey solution for their specific request in terms of treating compost, green waste, wood waste and other types of organic waste streams.

Due to the wide range of Lubo technology, such as our star screens, air separation technology, drum screens, transport belts, etc, and our years of experience in the pre-treatment and post-treatment of organic materials, we are capable to offer you the best solution there is.

The range of Lubo Recycling Solutions air separation technologies is implemented to purify the final organic product from impurities such as glass, inert, and plastics.

Lubo Recycling Solutions

Due to the large variation in settings and adjustment, the Lubo AWS and STS screening solutions are the right application for your processing needs.


Key equipment for organic waste

Lubo AWS Starscreen

Lubo anti wrapping disc screen AWS is a unique technology for plastic film sorting with highest efficiency in size separation. AWS solves a major problem of wrapping of film, tape and textile.

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Lubo Commingled Starscreen

The Lubo Commingled Starscreen is a screening deck placed in its own steel construction which easily separates paper, tin cans and glass. This machine is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.

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Chain belt conveyor

BRS Chain belt conveyor

With 60 years experience in building chain belt conveyors in the form of feed belts for balers and conveyors belts for sorting installations, Bollegraaf knows how to make its chain belts last a long time.

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